30 Degree North BWS-5B 4WD Buggy V1 to V2 Conversion Kit


30 Degree North BWS-5B 4WD Buggy V1 to V2 Conversion Kit

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30 Degree North BWS-5B 4WD Buggy V1 to V2 Conversion Kit

Part Number: TDN99004-B
   This kit includes all the necessary parts needed to convert and upgrade your V1 BWS-5B Buggy into a V2 model.
    Includes the following parts:
  • New design air filter with high-density foam filter for better filtration and new design for easier assembly and maintenance.
  • New front and rear Aluminum shock towers with different angle and shock mounting holes for better suspension geometry.
  • New chassis side plates with added ventilation to reduce the temperatures inside the body.
  • New throttle/brake servo mounting frame and thick CNC servo arm to let the servo work more efficiently and deliver smoother power to the throttle and brakes.
  • New rear wing with 2 adjustment angles can provide more downforce to further improve the buggies handling.
  • New shorter front shock body tubes and shock shafts to improve the body driving angle and make for better handling
  • New softer front and rear shock springs
  • New gas cap design to help reduce gas/oil temperatures.
  • New complete center spur gear with high quality spring absorbs harsh drivetrain shock and allows the vehicle to maintain direct power output and provide better protection for the transmission system, differential gears and drive shafts.
  • New CNC aluminum center spur gear supports and top plate for a very rigid, strong assembly.
  • New reed clips for the brake pads for better brake feel and less noise
  • New longer front and rear lower suspension arms and drive shafts to widen the buggy over 1 inch for better handling and stability. (adjusting original upper suspension arms will be needed)

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