1/5 Scale 30 Degree North BWS-5B 2.0 29cc 4WD RTR Ready To Run Buggy – Orange

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            New 30 Degree North 2.0 29cc 4WD Racing Buggy

New improved 2.0 Version

  This is an awesome 4WD RTR 1/5 scale Buggy for a great price!
This new 2.0 version includes the following upgrades!
  • New design air filter with high-density foam filter for better filtration and new design for easier assembly and maintenance.
  • New front and rear Aluminum shock towers with different angle and shock mounting holes for better suspension geometry.
  • New chassis side plates with added ventilation to reduce the temperatures inside the body.
  • New throttle/brake servo mounting frame and thick CNC servo arm to let the servo work more efficiently and deliver smoother power to the throttle and brakes.
  • New rear wing with 2 adjustment angles can provide more down force to further improve the buggies handling.
  • New shorter front shock body tubes and shock shafts to improve the body driving angle and make for better handling
  • New softer front and rear shock springs
  • New gas cap design to help reduce gas/oil temperatures.
  • New complete center spur gear with high quality spring absorbs harsh drive train shock and allows the vehicle to maintain direct power output and provide better protection for the transmission system, differential gears and drive shafts.
  • New CNC aluminum center spur gear supports and top plate for a very rigid, strong assembly.
  • New reed clips for the brake pads for better brake feel and less noise
  • New longer front and rear lower suspension arms and drive shafts to widen the buggy over 1 inch for better handling and stability. (adjusting original upper suspension arms will be needed)
  • 30 Degree North BWS Racing GRIP-X GX Racing Tires pre glued on new lightweight racing rims
  • New Pre-painted durable buggy body


(Just add gas, 2 stroke oil, & 8-AA controller batteries)

This is a Brand New 4WD Buggy from 30 Degree North, made by the same great manufacturer that builds the well known DTT line of 1/5th scale trucks which are a well proven truck, Strong & Durable in nearly all conditions

They are a Totally New Designed & Laid out 5th scale Buggy, Their Engines are more Rear biased for better balance,

The Exhaust Side Fender is ‘Vented’ to allow Heat to escape, and creates a Negative Draw inside the Bodies to help remove the Heat inside

Their ‘Throttle & Brake’ servo is moved to the Rear of the chassis, giving a Direct line to the Brake, meaning you’ve got a really strong braking force, The Brakes themselves incorporate Sintered brake pads on their surface, to grip the Discs like a ‘Real’ vehicle

They’ve got a Completely New Design in ‘Air-Filter’ tech Which has a ‘Duel’ Foam filter at the front, in direct airflow from the front of the Bodies, They then have a fully enclosed ‘Air-Box’ which bolts directly to the carbs manifolds, Their Bodies have been designed for Maximum Air-Flow, both ‘In & Out’ of the Buggy To get the Cool air In, and the Hot air Out as fast as Possible

These Buggies also feature a Brand New designed 4WD drive train in their center, Featuring ‘Ball-Drive’ Tech on the Center drive line, with a Billet Alloy Center driveshaft mount

  • 30 Degree North 4 Bolt 29cc engine,
  • 30 Degree ‘Silenced’ Tuned Pipes,
  • 30 Degree North ‘Signature’ Mini-Pin Tires,
  • ‘Push-Pull’ Steering arms,
  • Roll-over engine protection supports,
  • K-Power DM4000 Servos, Steering & Throttle/Brake,
  • All this, and the well known Strong 30 Degree North construction throughout.

New 29cc 4 Bolt Engine

With such a large Buggy you need a Powerful engine to match And this is Exactly what you get with the New 30 Degree North 4 bolt engines This 29cc engine provides seriously good power And make the Truck faster than you’d think for such a Large Buggy The Engines have a Much better casting than most of the other normal engines on the market, Their engine casings on the flywheel side have more fins, and are tighter spaced, So you’ve less chance of debris getting through and causing damage to your flywheel, Also the casting on the Heads have more cooling ribs, Which are also larger in size, All helping to keep your engine cooler, and your performance Up, They come with the proven Walbro 997 carbs, fitted with a Choke They’re also fitted it with a high performance NGK sparkplug All this adds up to ensure the engine’s perform to their best


Installed on the 30 DNB are the Superb K-Power DM4000 HV Digital DC Servos To provide Snappy & Responsive Steering and Quick Acceleration 30 Degree have installed these fantastic servos right out of the box, No upgrading needed, Rated at 54Kg / 0.11s on both the Throttle and the Steering, There will be no issues with unresponsive or slow servos.


The 30 DNB features aluminum shocks with over-sized 7mm shock shafts, Designed to stand up to massive punishment. Their Adjustable threads and a wide variety of available shock oils mean you can tune them to suit any Track or terrain.

30 Degree North ‘Silenced’ Tuned Pipe

Their lightweight Tuned ‘Silenced’ Pipe has been designed specifically for the 30 DNB Designed to get the most power from the engine, while keeping the engine within Track Noise regulations, It is mounted to the chassis as well as the Engine, And Also has a built in mount as part of the silencer, Which uses the bolt holes on the Rear Diff housing as mounting points, It then has a further brace over the Silencer, to keep it fully secure The silencer is a Separate unit, so it could be possible to run the pipe without it in place, All this mounting reduces Engine to Chassis stress, making the exhaust great for race days when you need the edge on your competition.

Drive train

The 4WD set-up in the 30 DNB will handle any Track & Terrain thrown at it. High quality metal gears are used to provide the best performance and durability possible. There is 30 Degree North Gear sets throughout the whole Buggy, Along with a Newly designed center drive-line, which uses a pair of 7mm thick shafts, Along with 4mm ball bearing ‘Ball-Drive’ Driveshafts ends Which run left of Center down the chassis. They pass through a Billet Center Drive Shaft Mount, with ‘Twin’ Bearings to keep everything smooth, The ‘Ball Drive’ Tech will be stronger, and have less wear than the Normal Dog-Bone driveshafts that people have used for years, This means your power will get transferred to the floor as it should The Spur gear is a Fixed spool, so the drive from the Engine is instant, From the Center Spur to the Rear Diff is a Straight Coupler, so Transfer of Power is Straight there, and not slowed down It also means there is No long rear driveshaft to wear out or twist There are Thick 7mm CVD driveshafts all round, sending the power to each corner of the Buggy

‘Sintered’ brake pads

30 Degree North have fitted ‘Real’ Sintered Brake Pads on their Buggy These are designed to get the most stopping power you can from your discs, They are bonded to the pads themselves, So unlike the more common Metal Pads, which go straight onto a Metal Brake Disc, which causes a lot of heat transfer, and disc warping, These use a tried an tested Real world, Sintered Pad, So their stopping power is greater, with less chance of disc warping, or heat transfer.

30 Degree North ‘Signature’ Mini-Pin Tires

30 Degree North have fitted their Superb Proven Mini-Pins all round on the Buggy These offer Awesome grip on Most Surfaces like Grass, Loose gravel, Dirt & Mud They have their own Logo incorporated into the Tread, hence being their ‘Signature’ Mini-Pins, They’ve now been tried an tested in the Real world, with Great success And also on several different styles of vehicles, Including Trucks & Buggies, in both 2wd & 4wd, So they are a Great match to the New Buggy Giving Great Steering, Handling, Cornering Grip & Stopping Power.


The buggy is built using a 6061 alloy 5mm chassis with CNC machining for strength & Reduced weight, This means that the buggies chassis is stiff, and strong Integrated into the left Chassis Fender, is a Set of Vents, These are to help remove the Hot air from inside the Body, around the Exhaust area, And the Underside of the Engine, Having these installed creates a Negative pressure inside the body, Which helps Draw out the Hot air, as Cool air flows in through the Body vents,

Front Protection Bumper

To help keep the front of the Buggy and Chassis safe, 30 Degree North have designed a Front protection Bumper that will absorb the majority of the frontal impacts before you damage the Buggy

Push-Pull Steering links

The buggy is fitted with a pair of ‘Push-Pull’ steering links, These allow you to get the best out of your steering servos, Allowing their power to used equally both left and right,

Radio Box & Battery Box’s

They come with a Separate Battery and Receiver box, The Battery box is Approximately 125mm in length, and fits the normal sized Flat Nimh or Lipo Batteries, Both boxes are fitted with sealed lids, The receiver Box has the Sealed Power switch mounted to it’s side

30 Degree North Enclosed Wheel Nuts

They have fitted their Tough but Lightweight Alloy Enclosed Wheel Nuts onto the Buggy These keep the Threads on your Hubs safe from Damage during any Knocks During Racing

Includes a BER 3 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter computer radio with many features

All our cars come with 2.4 GHz radio systems, this is a major improvement over the old style transmitters which were prone to interface and range issues. 3 Channels and tons of tweaking options make this one of the most popular transmitters available. All these great features add up to make a great buggy, perfect for the beginners and experts alike.


  • 30 Degree North 4 Bolt 29cc, 2-stroke, Engine
  • NGK spark plug
  • 30 Degree North ‘Silenced’ Tuned Pipe
  • Walbro 997 carb
  • New 6061 alloy 5mm chassis with CNC machining for Strength & Reduced weight
  • Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts & threaded adjusters
  • Large Two-stage Foam air filter, With Sealed Air box system
  • K-Power DM4000 HV Digital DC Servos for Throttle/Braking (54Kg / 0.11s)
  • K-Power DM4000 HV Digital DC Servos for Steering (54Kg / 0.11s)
  • Adjustable bias dual-disc braking system, With Sintered Brake Pads
  • Extra-large 750cc fuel tank
  • Tunable, sealed viscous differentials
  • 30 Degree North ‘Signature’ Mini-Pin Tires
  • 30 Degree North Enclosed Wheel Nuts
  • New 30 Degree North BWS Racing GRIP-X GX Racing Tires
  • Impact-absorbing bumpers
  • Sealed clutch mount with cooling fins
  • 7mm CVD drive shafts used throughout
  • 6V 3000mAh side by side receiver battery with charger
  • LxWxH: 800x450x315mm
  • Wheelbase: 560mm
  • Width Front: 375mm
  • Width Rear: 370mm
  • Ground Clearance: 51mm
  • Net weight: 15KGS
  • Gross weight: 18KGS


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Weight44 lbs
Dimensions31 × 20 × 13 in

Green, Orange



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